Kawasaki H2B Mach IV 750cc in-line triple

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The 750 Mach IV was introduced in 1972. Updated with more power and better front disc brakes, the 750 became the undisputed king of the streets, even beating legendary muscles cars of the era such as the Dodge Hemi Cuda.
The ability to cheaply modify the engines for higher performance by porting the cylinders, milling the cylinder heads, and installing expansion chamber exhausts maintained their popularity for some time in drag racing. A 750 H-2 still holds the record for the fastest normally aspirated 750 cc motorcycle, with a standing quarter-mile of 7.756 seconds at 170 mph by Brian Pretzel of Redline Motorsports.

My brief flirtation withthis amazing machine was inspired by my youthful arrogance at having survived my two years of H1A Mach III all-year round use unscathed. At the of the day, however, it was bigger, heavier, drank even more juice than the H1 (12 mpg wasn't unknown- giving a range of about 40 miles, then a panic hunt for a filling station). Not great for touring, but maybe slightly more affordable as I was a Trainee Garage Manager at the time. For some reason, my company car fuel consumption was always twice everyone elses! Still, at that time, my love affair with bikes was fading, I had access to free 4 wheel transport and it just wasn't getting used as it should so, off it went...

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